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Give the Gift of Cruise Travel


Late spring and early summer bring lots of eagerly anticipated events: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations, as well as weddings. Flowers for mom, a tie for dad and a place setting for the bride are all lovely gifts – but if you’re looking for something different, consider giving the gift of travel.


In this case, "different" also means easy for you! The gift of travel fits everyone and is always appropriate. All it takes is a phone call, email or quick visit to your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert. Just specify the amount to place on a Cruise Holidays gift card (any amount at all, up to and including an entire vacation), and the recipient can redeem it toward a cruise or any other type of vacation travel.


If you know the recipient well, you may know of a specific cruise or other vacation trip they would like to take. You can work with your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert to package the gift card with some brochures, photos and information about that destination. You’ll still be giving the freedom to decide exactly when and how to use your gift to the recipient.


If you don’t know where the recipient of your gift would like to travel, include information on a variety of options to get his or her travel imagination going. For example, moms and dads might love a spa getaway, whether it’s on a cruise ship or at a tropical resort. Or, they may enjoy seeing Europe via deep-water cruise, river cruise or a land-based tour.


Lots of high school or college graduates would also love a trip to Europe, or to a great U.S. city like New York, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans or San Francisco. Or, they can save the gift to apply toward a Spring Break cruise or beach resort vacation.


Honeymoon couples and those celebrating many years together will appreciate a gift that they can apply toward a romantic destination, such as Bermuda, the Caribbean or Mexico.


If you’re worried that a gift card might seem a bit impersonal, don’t be. The thought behind the card will be clear, and you can even wrap it up with a small "keepsake" item: perhaps some new leather luggage tags, a travel diary or a small pair of travel binoculars for sightseeing.


For more ideas about giving the gift of travel, talk with your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.